On this page: Remodeling vs. refacing -- which is right for you?
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What's best for your home, remodel or Renew?
Full remodeling:
· Full freedom to reconfigure your space
· Blank-sheet creativity
· Longer project time and more life disruption
· Higher total project cost

If you want to re-imagine your entire space and enjoy the ultimate personal expression, a full remodel is the best way to go. And a great choice for that is Showplace cabinetry. You'll find Showplace offers a mix of creative freedom and real-world value that's hard to find anywhere else. And it's all backed by the comfort of a limited lifetime warranty. To learn all about it, dive into ShowplaceWood.com. A good place to start is Remodel Central on the Showplace site.
  Renew refacing:
· Ability to keep things you like
· Freedom to add selected new elements
· Quicker completion with less life disruption
· Lower total project cost

If your creative vision accepts the basic layout of your room, Showplace Renew refacing is a smart way to go. Refacing lets you keep things you like, such as flooring, counter tops or appliances. It also gives you the option of replacing things you'd rather not keep -- which could include flooring, counter tops or appliances! And with Renew, you have the freedom of adding new accents or entirely new cabinets from the full Showplace offering.

In the end, there's no wrong answer.
It comes down to how ambitious your goals are, what your budget can handle, and how much life disruption you will accept. Rest assured that whichever route you choose - a full Showplace remodel, or Renew refacing - the end result will be a more beautiful home with greater convenience and utility. Talk it over with a Showplace Renew dealer. They can help you make the right decision.

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Full-remodel before and after:
The video below shows what is possible using Showplace cabinetry in a very ambitious full-remodel project.

Showplace Renew
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