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Showplace Renew - an option for the times
  Some have found that, with recent changes in the economy and housing market, the rules have changed. Not long ago, it was easy to move up to a bigger and better home, or leverage abundant home equity for an ambitious remodel. But today, for lots of people, the new reality means staying put and making the most of the home you have, on a realistic budget. 

  If this has a familiar ring to you, Showplace Renew refacing might be exactly what you need.

Before and after Renew

Click to watch a video of the refacing process.

So what is cabinet refacing?

  Depends on who you ask. Some companies use "refacing" to mean refinishing. But that's not what Showplace Renew is. Other people think that refacing means somehow adding a new face or outer surface to existing cabinet doors. That's not Renew either.

  When you reface with Renew, the old cabinet doors go away. You get entirely new hardwood doors and drawer headers, with lifetime-warranty quality. (And with Renew, you do get genuine hardwood, not a "manufactured wood" substitute.) You also get fine veneers finished to match, applied directly to the face frames of your cabinets. In other words, Renew gives anything external a fresh new face. Renew also offers hardwood end panels, appliance faces, and anything else in the vast range of Showplace offerings. 

  In fact, this is what sets Renew apart from most other refacing options. With Renew refacing you do have the option to add completely new Showplace cabinets and accents to your design. Add a new island or peninsula. Add a hardwood range hood. Or even take out a wall and extend the kitchen design. Showplace Renew gives you this unique and valuable freedom.

Renew beauty is more than skin deep.

  Renew also lets you improve beyond the face of the cabinetry. You can add new hardwood drawer boxes or roll trays, with top-quality glides. Add interior accessories. Or even continue your creation into other rooms, with something like a coordinating fireplace surround, entertainment center or custom Murphy Wall-Bed. And remember, bathrooms and other cabinetry can be Renewed too.

  With Renew, the creative freedom is astounding. And hard to find anywhere else.

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