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a versatile range of woods and stains

What's your wood? Maybe you prefer the traditional warmth of cherry. Others like the vibrant character of hickory. Rustic alder pleases people looking for authentic charm. And if Mission is your theme, you won't go wrong with quartersawn white oak.

We could go on, but you get the point. Showplace Renew offers a wood choice just for you. Each of our wood species is available in a range of stains uniquely suited to it. And any wood/stain combination can be accented with hand-wiped glazing, in your choice of six tones, at no additional charge. And all Renew finishes are offered in your choice of satin or matte sheen.

But don't decide yet. You should also consider the wide range of Showplace specialty finish offerings. Click here to see them.

Showplace cherry stains
Cherry tends toward elegant warm tones, and darkens considerably as it ages.

Showplace maple stains
Maple has a fine, uniform grain pattern and lighter colorations. It takes on a subtle mottled appearance when finished in the darker stains.
Also offered in paints.

Showplace paint choices
Paint grade doors and cabinets use hardwood and engineered wood components. Paints are also offered on maple, red oak, and rustic alder.
Choose from our standard colors, or more than a thousand Sherwin-Williams ColorSelect chloices.

Showplace hickory stains
Hickory is a heavy, dense wood that displays vibrant grain patterns and wide variation in color. Also offered in rustic.

Showplace red oak stains
Red Oak is a time-honored favorite that has a prominent, distinctive grain character that may show tiny rays and flowing patterns.
Also offered in paints.

Showplace rustic alder stains
Rustics display visible knots, mineral, and color variation in the door frame and solid center panel.
Also offered in paints.

Showplace quartersawn white oak stains
The quartersawing method yields material with a distinctive grain pattern and superior stability.

All Showplace Renew door styles are offered in multiple woods and finishes. View the Showplace Renew specialty finish options by clicking here.

Style,Woods & Finishes booklet Your Renew choices could fill a book.
And in fact, they do: The 24-page Renew "Styles, Woods & Finishes" booklet is the best place to get a look at all the Renew choices open to you: Door styles, wood species, stains and paints, specialty woods and finishes and more. Click here for our "Styles, Woods & Finishes" booklet.

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WARNING: Like trees or any other products made of wood, machining, sanding, sawing, or drilling this product may produce wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection.